Our team is part of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. We are dedicated to creating a program to help you reduce your risk of developing heart disease.
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The program aims to help you reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Thanks to a free, confidential and personalized approach, one of our counselors will guide and motivate you throughout the steps that will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Let us help you:

    • Become more active;
    • Improve your blood pressure;
    • Quit smoking;
    • Manage your weight;
    • Better control your diabetes;
    • Be in better shape.

Who is the program for?

This program is for Franco-Ontarians who have one or more risk factors for heart disease or have already had cardiovascular disease.

What it includes …

An assessment of your risk factors using a questionnaire, blood test, simple measurements and other tests as needed, at the beginning and end of the three-month program. An advisor will monitor your progress and guide you through phone calls to offer you:

    • Tips to help you improve your fitness
    • Tips on nutrition
    • Tips on stress management
    • Advice on other risk factors specific to your case

To register for the program

Your participation in the program is entirely free. Just ask your doctor to complete the registration form