FrancoForme: FREE prevention and rehabilitation program !

The Heart Institute Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre, in partnership with the Champlain LHIN, is proud to announce a new primary and secondary prevention program. FrancoForme is directed to the Francophone population of the Champlain region.

We are accepting referrals of patients with known cardiovascular disease as well as patients with risk factors for primary prevention. They will be enrolled in a 3 month program during which time they will be coached weekly, by telephone, towards better health and lifestyle. This program in funded by the Champlain LHIN and there is no cost to the patient.

To refer to the program, you simply need to fill out a referral form and submit it along with a copy of the patient’s recent lipid profile and glucose (include HbA1C if the patient is diabetic), either by fax or regular mail to the coordinates on the Referral Form.

Download the PDF