The FrancoForme program is a prevention and rehabilitation program for cardiovascular disease that:

  • Provides screening, education, behavior modification and / or rehabilitation services geared to the participant’s needs.
  • Participates in clinical research to support the effective use of HIPRC resources and seeks to develop sustainable partnerships both internally and externally
  • Is actively involved in the development of policies and in the change of environment within local and national authorities

Our values


A commitment to providing the right service in the right place at the right time


A commitment to ensure that potential risks are avoided or minimized and that these are well explained to the participant and his / her family


A commitment to best practice standards, including a regular assessment of the counselor’s knowledge and skills when appropriate


A commitment to ensure that the activities are in line with the expectations of the participant and his / her family, counselor and donors


A commitment to ensure that the treatment or service leads to measurable improvements in life expectancy or quality of life


A commitment to ensure that the treatment was necessary and that the appropriate treatment was delivered

Our vision

That all Franco-Ontarians in the Champlain region have access to a free prevention and rehabilitation service, regardless of their locality.